Our goal is to build a close and reliable client-attorney relationship based on transparency and on a candid, objective dialogue.


What we do for your company is to add skills in developing the appropriate risk matrix to the ability to mediate, negotiate or conduct contentious disputes.

Making a business transaction possible in a different country is a task for those who are thoroughly versed in the nuances of that market.

Being able to rely on an experienced team can make all the difference when it comes to saving time and reducing costs with avoidable reworking.

Helping a prosperous business continue to succeed – by structuring an environment in which internal and external expectations are aligned and by preserving the company history – is a challenge

Companies must seek excellent corporate counsel in the decision-making processes with an eye toward optimizing the best corporate and property asset allocation for the business.

Taking a new a business to a whole new level with unprecedented results, identifying points of improvement that the entrepreneur alone is not able to see.

Creative minds need the right counselling, one that is fit to their ambitions and that allows them to target their focus towards innovation.

You can count on our team to provide well-grounded defenses of your interests and needs and to have your back in situations involving business transactions and disputes in and out of court.

Strategic Advice

We stay laser-focused on business opportunities and risk exposures. Our practice involves devising legal theses, negotiation strategies and course of action strategies to meet the interests of our clients, providing legal advice that can prevent risks while taking into account all aspects of the law.

Due Diligence and Litigation

We undertake a comprehensive litigation survey on a company by listing all lawsuits involving it, preparing a report of all related risks, suggesting courses of action both in and out of court and recommending the best approach to mitigate and manage risks.

Intellectual Property

Our practice involves managing complete IP portfolios and advising on all business transactions involving IP.


We provide full assistance in national and international contracts in general. Our practice involves pre-contract advice as well as negotiation, drafting of terms and conditions and making all arrangements required for each contract type. We also help clients with contract management throughout the life cycle of the contract, in every type of transaction.

What does it mean to have a well-built team of attorneys to support your business strategically?

It takes an outstanding team to have a valuable knowledge sharing.

Outstanding teams are built when diversity and profound knowledge come together and an organizational environment is set in a way that fosters participation and exchanges between relentless and innovative minds.


They add expertise to your business.

    • Positions taken by women60%
    • Total Undergraduates and Post-Graduates80%
    • Labor Turnover Rate7%

  • “It was hard to maintain our relationship, both within the business and as a family. Our health, our relationship, the continuity of our business – everything was at risk. They helped us put everything into perspective and restore the peace and safety of our business for now and for the future, for the new generations and for new talents.”

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  • “We had never been assisted by such a capable, agile, cordial and experienced legal team. With them, we were able to negotiate and close all deals and contracts that were not moving forward.”

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